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Let this FREE Miner Go To Work For YOU!

When you join and participate in building out this Network by hosting a Hot Spot, you GET PAID!

helium miner free

How does the Helium Hot Spot Miner work?
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Helium uses an algorithm called Proof of Coverage (PoC), and rewards miners in HNT – Helium Tokens (which is a CryptoCurrency). The rewards are paid out to Hosts (YOU) as these minors use radio waves to prove that local Hot Spots are actually providing wireless coverage to local devices.

The Helium Hot Spot

A 5″x3″ box that you install in your home and sends out a radio signal to surrounding devices and Hot Spots. For hosting this Hot Spot, you earn Helium Tokens (HNT).

All you do is install this Hot Spot in your apartment and let it do its job.  The Hot Spot’s job is to use radio waves to prove that other local Hot Spots are working properly and doing their job.

Click the link below to grab your FREE Helium Hot Spot!

Watch this video, to show you how easy and simple it is to register and claim your FREE Helium Hot Spot Miner. (VIDEO COMING SOON)

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